New Beginnings

As I sit here with my coffee and write this inaugural post, I am filled with joy and hopeful anticipation. It has long been a dream of mine to have a creative space where I can share with others the things that move me and inspire me, and even make me laugh. Helpful hints, experiences I’ve had or just beautiful images that inspire and bring joy.  If this blog in anyway provides someone with a little joy or inspiration, an “aha” moment or even a smile,  then I will consider it a dream come true.

One thought on “New Beginnings”

  1. Amy,
    You’re right! This is a dream that is becoming a reality!
    What took you so long! Haha. Can not think of a more qualified individual then yourself. I love all your pictures you’ve posted. Who knows what this will turn into but I do know this is YOU!
    Love you so much!


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