Furniture Placement

Sometimes it takes a designer’s eye to understand the best way to lay out furniture in order to maximize space, allow for easy flow and make the most of focal points such as a fireplace or picture window.

With my furniture placement service, I will layout your furniture to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing as well as make any recommendations on other pieces needed to complete the look.

Art and Picture Hanging

A big challenge most home owners face is hanging art and pictures properly so that they are at the right eye level, the correct size and scale for the wall and room, and are truly accenting your décor.

You show me the art you currently have on hand and I will not only hang it for you, but also make recommendations where it should go and what other pieces you may want to acquire to finish off the look.  

Accessory Refinement

If you have all the furnishings down, but just don’t know how to warm up the space with the right accessories and finishing touches, this service is for you.

I will take inventory of all of the accessories that you currently own, determine which rooms they suit best, where to place them, how to group them for more interest, and what additional accessories you need to really round out the space.

Paint Colors

One of the hardest decorating decisions can be choosing the right paint colors for a room. As a decorator, I have the latest knowledge of the most flattering, popular as well as tried and true paint colors.

Therefore, with this service I will give you three color options for a room, including main color, accent colors and trim colors, based on your needs, taste and furnishings.

Staging for Resale

If you are selling your home on your own (I also work with realtors) I will help you make sure it looks its best to potential buyers so you get top dollar.

I will help you quickly and easily transform each room to add style and flair and really showcase your home’s most desirable features.

Paring Down

We all have too much stuff, much of which just ends up taking up needed space or sitting in storage. Having moved more than 20 times in my life so far – including 5 times in the last year – I know how important it is to pare down and keep only the things you use.

I will help you sort through your items, keeping the things I feel we can reuse in the design, and with the items you no longer need I will make recommendations on which organizations will take them for donation or resale.

Holiday and Seasonal Decorating

Whether it is for a big family Easter dinner, Thanksgiving celebration or getting the whole house in the Christmas spirit...

I can help you maximize the holiday decorations you currently have and make recommendations on easy and affordable ways to supplement so that your seasonal décor really shines for friends and family (and looks great in photos).

Party Decorating

If you are celebrating a big event, whether it is at your home or another venue, I can take all the décor design decisions off your hands, including choosing a theme and selecting the decorations, for an absolutely fabulous and stress-free fete!

Wardrobe Consulting

Is it time to go through your closet and decide what you still wear, what still fits, what looks good on you and what pieces you just don’t know what to do with?

As a stylist, I can help you make these tough decisions, maximize the wardrobe you have, and make suggestions for the pieces you should add to literally transform your wardrobe and you.

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